Past Work

Our mission: To help our customers combine competitive business processes with best of breed technology solutions.

At Egret we believe that implementing successful business solutions requires an understanding of the goals and objectives of your organization.  We view your 'business system' as the intersection of the people, processes, and technologies that support your business and help it to grow.

We use: 

 - skilled facilitators who use a visual, mathematically sound, group decision making technique and sophisticated software to help groups exchange knowledge and quickly make better business decisions

 - a unique tool and proven methodology that allows us to rapidly analyze manufacturing and distribution operations and provide recommendations designed to improve throughput, reduce cost, increase asset utilization, and ensure quality

 - design and implementation services focused on integrating supply chain, business applications, manufacturing execution, and process automation systems throughout the enterprise

 - project and change management to ensure that people, process and technology come together in a cohesive ‘system’ that fully supports the business.

Our consultants bring:

Having worked in many manufacturing and distribution settings we understand and appreciate the dilemmas, challenges, and perspectives of stakeholders.

Our consultants do not need to spend extended periods of time learning the business before diagnosing a problem or recommending solutions. Therefore, internal staff members are not tied up for weeks answering questions, producing data, and hosting the consultants on site. Additionally, project hours are far fewer, leading to cost savings on the engagement.

Tangible, Realistic Recommendations
The team produces “realistic” recommendations designed to produce tangible results. Our experienced consultants go beyond “diagnosis” and provide “treatment” in the form of solutions design, process maps, cost estimates, plans/schedules, and professional connections to industry experts in a wide variety of subject areas.

Ability to Deliver
Using experienced consultants speeds design and implementation cycle time. We provide well-planned implementations using standardized processes, comprehensive training and communication, aggressive project management, and we assist you in setting up company-specific tools for your organization.

You can phone us at 1 412 580 5382 or e-mail us at: info@egretbiz.com